Tracy Jenkins

"I am on fire! I have another two job/client interviews lined up next week. All thanks to the HUGE confidence boost this book experience brought forth in me! Thank you so much Krystal!"

Emma Gray

"I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed and I just wanted to send a really deep thank you and deepest, heart felt gratitude to you Krystal, because this has been one of my dreams. It’s been in my vortex for a long time to write a book and you just have made one of my dreams come true with such ease and flow."

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

"This project has really opened me up. It helped transformed me to another level of processing where I am at on my abundance journey and inspired living journey. So thank you!"

I have gained visibility, credibility and credentials

My experience as a co author with Krystal and her publishing team has been really profound and positive in my growth path and business. I have gained visibility, credibility, credentials, new followers, podcast and summits invitations which lead to new leads and prospects. But more importantly, it supported having massive breakthroughs in the process for major decisions in my life (I moved my family to Costa Rica) and I have created a new high ticket program with a collaborator from the book collaboration 🙂 Catherine Tétreault-Ayotte, Co-Author of Collaboration

This is head and shoulders above the other publishing experiences I have had

I am part of a couple of other co-author books at the moment and the structure, the organisation, the time orientation that Krystal set up for us, the communication she set up for us with the other authors… this is totally, totally head and shoulders above the other experiences I have right now. Samantha Louise, Co-Author of Inspired Living

I salute your exceptional professionalism

"Krystal Hille, I salute your exceptional professionalism and support. I'm awed by your kindness and deep understanding. You keep wowing me with your large heart and sage wisdom and appreciate your support and having my back. Hille House Publishing rocks." Oluneye Oluwole, Lead Author of the Butterfly Effect

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“Krystal Congratulations. You worked diligently for your achievement. Bravo. Thank you for helping me help others. Your service will touch millions of lives. Love and wisdom, John”

Dr. John Demartini – Lead Author of Intuitive Living

The right balance between organisation and connection
"If you are looking for a publisher has the balance right between being super organised and connecting with both care and honest intrigue, wanting to make your stories come to life then I would recommend Krystal Hille 100%." Kate Ryan Taylor, Co-Author of Inspired Connections

Since being in this book I've grown so much
“Since being in the book I’ve been growing so much.  I feel this expansiveness coming over me and I’m so grateful to meet women like yourself who are truly working on the next version of themselves. I feel like the book chapter has put me in a totally next-level category and I’ve never celebrated so much! Thank you for putting everything together, I am truly grateful.” Fatou Pruitt, Co-Author of Inspired Connections

Thank you for your vision and leadership
“Thank you for your vision and leadership. Your ability to create a safe and generative frame and model for creativity and collaboration is so very much needed today. Infinite thanks to you for following your intuition and working so tirelessly in behalf of so many” Keen Nichols, Co-Author of Inspired Living 


Adriana Monique Alvarez

Founder of AMA Publishing

"I turned to Krystal because I felt a deep connection to her and knew she would unconditionally accept me where I was. It was the best session I’ve ever had.

After having a stillbirth two years ago the pain was getting more intense not less. It was an ever growing wall between me and those I loved most. I frequently distanced myself because I didn’t want to grieve or cry and bring others down.

I had looked at it from many different angles, but Krystal went to the root immediately and it was then that I felt peace. By the end of the session I had the answers I had been seeking. She guided me back to myself. I am no longer suffering and I’m resting well.

As a leader it’s not often that I find someone who can hold space for me, especially in the low times. Krystal can.

I highly recommend working with her, especially if you feel like you are usually the strong one in leadership positions. She’s spot on and an incredibly genuine and loving woman."


Real Estate - Sales Manager

"Having been fortunate to work with Krystal a number of times in group settings, and achieved a great depth of self-exploration & understanding, it was important for me to work more closely with her.

Choosing to commit to a number of one-on-one sessions, to make that promise to myself, I was able to more deeply connect with the core of who I am, when I’m not trying to be someone for everyone else.

Krystal creates a fun, yet secure, environment which allowed me to get out of my head, and release the expectations I place of myself, to simply be.

Looking within, and listening to my own guiding voice, I have been able to take back ownership of my life, and acknowledge the need to fill my own cup first.

This has made significant difference in how I lead my team from a place of greater generosity and calmness and how I can show up for my kids and friends. Thank you Krystal, I look forward to continuing this journey."

Rachel Barry

Tantra Teacher

"I came to Krystal to resolve some fears and gain clarity on a big decision I had to make.

Normally, I like doing things face to face and was amazed how powerful and effective the session was on zoom. 

Krystal was excellent at guiding me in a very professional and grounded way, which made me feel very safe to open up.

She knew exactly what she was doing and was quick to figure out what was going. She really understood me. Without ever influencing me one way or another, she guided me to make my own decisions.

It worked. The session was very practical but otherworldly, it’s like she is working in two ways, psychologically and spiritually.

I got such huge realisations not just with that decision, but also around patterns I would have never thought were connected. I got amazing clarity about why things are the way they are.

Krystal has so much wisdom and compassion, I highly recommend her."

Krystal is one of those behind-the-scenes orchestrators of success...
Largely underplaying her role as she spiritually births new books and masterminds their bestseller campaigns. I loved everything about the book creation process. Most of all, I love what you did - you created a community - of business owners, protagonists, powerful seekers, truth slayers, adventurers, alchemists and visionaries” Jenny Vaz, Co-Author of Inspired Connections

The entire process has far surpassed my expectations
"Thank you so much to Krystal Hille for creating such a strong, nourishing, and supportive container to share my story. I have felt so held through the entire process and it has way surpassed my expectations." Saidi Bess, Co-Author of Beyond Certainty

Krystal clearly pours her heart and energy into the books she facilitates
"Krystal is a wonderful, light-filled woman who helps others be heard and seen by becoming a published author. My dream of becoming not just an author but a best-selling author was realized because of Krystal. She is both professional and kind (a rare combination). Krystal clearly pours her heart and energy into the books she facilitates. Anyone looking to add "best-selling author" to their list of accomplishments would benefit from her services." Olivia Grace, Co-Author of Collaboration